Wine Tasting Trips to the Amazing Wineries: A Delightful Affair

Lake Erie and the Grand River Valley regions have been growing the best grapes that can be second to none. Indulging in wine tasting trips in the region would be nothing less than a delightful affair.

T he fragrant smell and the country roads will soothe your senses. The French hybrids and the Vinifera dotting the hills offer the feel of Napa Valley to the region.

Ice wine is made during the deep freezing winters experienced in the county. The berries are frozen after picking them by moonlight. They are later pressed to extract nectar-like juice. This is then fermented and bottled in a decorative manner. Ashtabula County is renowned for its production of icewine. Here are some wine tasting trips that you must indulge in while in the County.

Buccia Vineyards

This winery features a tasting room that is open to visitors all-round the year. It features a 4 room bed and breakfast. You consider staying in Buccia Vineyards while in the county for a unique experience. Local residents take their family to the vineyards for enjoying a picturesque outing where they can stroll the spacious grounds, indulge in tempting bread and cheeses, sip wine and relax in the open patios. The Winery stands out from the rest for its delectable tasting wines. It as well features a quaint gift corner.

Deer’s Leap Winery & Restaurant

This winery exudes a casual atmosphere and features a spacious showroom and a covered deck. A variety of wine is offered at the winery from dry Cabernet to sweet Fredonia. It is known for its vast collection of fruit wine.

This winery is owned by international award winning winemaker Robert Bostwick. All the wines offered here have been perfected with his experience spanning over 35 years. This winery houses a full-service restaurant which is complete with cocktail and beer choices. Seafood and steak are served here in addition to a selection of gourmet burgers. Visit the place during weekends for some live entertainment.

Ferrante Winery & Ristorante

Featuring a contemporary oak-laden atmosphere and tucked in the heart of the vineyards, the Ferrante Winery has been selling wine since 1937. State of the art winemaking facilities was built during the 1970s. A thriving restaurant was opened up in the 1980s where wine was showcased with food. The restaurant was destroyed in a fire during 1994. However, the wine production, warehouse, and cellar remained safe.

Ferrante family pulled together the spirit and the body during 1995 to rebuild their dream. Today, the winery is in operation and features a spacious tasting room. There is a full-service restaurant to welcome the guests. There is a beautiful outdoor terrace that features live entertainment during the weekends in summer. This winery is one-of-its-kind in the Ashtabula County that offers award winning blush, white and red wine. The vineyards of Ashtabula County are worth exploring for the luscious wine and for the events that take place here.

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