Discover Ashtabula County: Places To Go, Things to Do And What To Eat

Ashtabula County, found on Lake Erie’s coastline, is located in the north-eastern most part of the state of Ohio. The interesting name of this county is pronounced Hush-tah-buh-lah and is derived from an American Indian word. Named after a beautiful river, the word Ashtabula is an Algonquin Indian word for “a river with many fish”.

Must-See Places & Things To Do In Ashtabula:

The Growl Boys Project

Growl Boyz - Growls and Roars!

Growl Boyz – Growls and Roars!

This top secret adult entertainment series is going to be launched very soon. Original name of Growl Boyz is a fantasy story of homosexual men who engage in awkward sexual rituals in order to become super-powered. These rituals include an intercourse with lots of roars, growling and all that animal-like stuff. Why? Because as it was believed in the ancient times, only these things could help the cult’s members be supernatural. Sounds crazy, right? Find out more about this at the offical website.

Missionary Boys of Asthabula

Missionary Boys

Missionary Boys

This is not the best-known fact, but a lot of missionary boys from the gay series were coming from Asthabula County. Have you heard Mormon Boyz name? It’s the adults-only series where naughty cult of priests is taking the charge of running things in their place. Missionary adepts are being sexually tested (100% gay) and if they bring valuable joy they can become elders. Twisted fantasy with a lot of graphic scenes – this is Missionary Boys.

The Bridge Capital Of America:

Ashtabula is best known for its bridges. There are 19 covered bridges in the entire county for tourists to visit and marvel at. Nine of these bridges were constructed before 1900, making them historic masterpieces as well. The autumn season is the most desirable time of the year to visit the bridges of Ashtabula, due to the beautiful colors that make them so enchanting. The bridges of Ashtabula are named after the roads on which they are situated, for example, Benetka Road Bridge, Caine Road Bridge, Doyle Road Bridge and Creek Road Bridge. Of these, the Harpersfield covered bridge is the longest covered bridge in the United States and the West Liberty Bridge is the shortest.

Beaches, Parks And Trails:

Ashtabula is blessed with gorgeous vast beaches, lush-green parks and country trails to explore with your family and friends. The Al Cummins Sunset Park includes a trail to the lake with a picnic and playground area as well as access to a beach. Metro parks in Ashtabula county offer unlimited fun and adventure for visitors. You can fish from dams, and walk along rustic trails looking out for an amazing variety of wildlife and birds. Rustic trails run along farms and forestland where you can bike, hike or rollerblade in the summer and go snowmobiling or cross-country skiing in the winter! The best part is that the parks are beautifully maintained with proper signage and full of tree coverage for shade in the summer. The Chapel Hills Golf course is a dream come true for golf lovers from amateurs to pros.

Water Adventures:

The Ashtabula Harbor is a wonderful place to enjoy canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding in the summer. You can sail peacefully past yacht clubs and under Ashtabula’s historic bridges for a one-of-a-kind experience. Soak in the sun and admire nature at its best along Lake Erie and Ashtabula river. The marina is clean, well-maintained and well worth the visit.

Best Places To Wine & Dine

Ashtabula is renowned for its gorgeous wineries and award-winning wines. Pair them with yummy smoked meats or salads and you just can’t go wrong.

Bascule Bridge Grille & Wine Bar

A top-rated upscale restaurant offers delicious food paired with the best wine, cocktails, cordials, whiskey, scotch, bourbon and craft beer. Some of the highly recommended dishes on the menu here include duck fillet, Osso Bucco, steak, and scallops.

Briquette’s Smokehouse

A popular BBQ destination in Ashtabula County, Briquette’s smokehouse is much loved among locals. The must-try dishes in this restaurant are the pulled pork, brisket, and ribs which are smoked to perfection. There is also a great outdoor patio seating area here.

Goddess Winehouse

Best known for its homely atmosphere and scrumptious wines in tantalizing flavours like apple and pineapple, Goddess Winehouse is a must-visit winery and restaurant in Ashtabula County. The pulled pork sandwich, potato salad and spinach artichoke dip here are crowd favorites. This is a great place if you have a sweet tooth as they serve a tempting chocolate cake, lemon cupcakes and blueberry cheesecake.

Ashtabula County is vibrant with friendly and welcoming people who are proud of their city. Filled with historic landmarks and the great outdoors for nature lovers, there is enough here to keep you busy every weekend. It is also one of the best places in the United States for good wine and delicious homely food. Visit this beautiful county, experience all that it has to offer and you will find yourself revisiting again and again!

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