Popular Tourist Attractions in Ashtabula County

Ashtabula County is renowned for its scenic rivers, Great Lake, and historic covered bridges.

T his is the largest county in the entire state of Ohio in terms of area. It has over 170,000 acres of farmland. Sheer beauty can be experienced in the region during all the four seasons. The region is known for its breathtaking sunsets and the gorgeous sugar maple trees that transform into a spectacle during fall.

There is so much to do in Ashtabula County apart from the shop, sleep and eat. You wouldn’t have to face any hassles in finding attractions in Ashtabula County. You can find attractions ranging from vineyards to museums.

Lake Erie

This is one of the greatest assets of Ashtabula County. This lake was carved from glacier ice and is produces lake effect snow during winters. This effect makes Erie one of the snowiest places in the United States. Impromptu ice rallies are organized when the lake freezes entirely. Families gather near the lake for indulging in races across the lake and for indulging in hot wine. Iceboat race is all organized. The lake is famous for swimming, kayaking, and other adventure activities. There are numerous vineyards and lighthouses around the lake. People can rent cabins and summer houses near the lake for enjoying fishing, wine tours, and other activities near the lake.

County Trails

The Western Reserve Greenway Trail commences in Ashtabula County and runs south. The length of the trail is 43 miles in length of which 27 are in Ashtabula. Motorized vehicles are prohibited in the trail except for maintenance vehicles and motorized wheelchairs. Snowballs can be used during winters but with a permit. You will find scenic bridges, rural villages, and waterways in this county.

The Barn Quilt Trail has become one of the fastest growing tourism attractions in Ashtabula County. It includes several covered bridges and has become immensely popular in the county. This is one of the largest and includes historical sites, wineries, private properties, orchards and working farms. Can anything take you this closer to experiencing the local life of this county? The visitors are provided directions and as well informed about the stories behind each quilt. A map is provided which includes all the historical locations nearby. Make sure to experience this while in Ashtabula.

Covered bridges

Ashtabula houses 18 covered bridges which include the shortest and the longest ones in the United States. This is the reason why the county has been named as the “Covered Bridge Capital of Ohio”. These majestic masterpieces made of wood can be seen throughout the rolling hills of the county. The rustic bridges in the county date back to 1850s. Seven of the bridges have been constructed newly. These remind of the style and time of the era bygone. Ashtabula County houses over 62 wooden-structured bridges. Many have been replaced with steel bridges and modern cement.

Ashtabula County is known for Annual Bridge Festival which is held each year during fall. The bridges are decorated during the festival. Special events are held during the occasion. The festival includes entertainment options, crafts, official souvenirs, historic vehicles, draft horses, quilt show, farmers market, a parade, contests, great food and a lot more. The county is known for several bridge tour routes. Sixteen of the bridges are still functioning. Make sure to explore them while in this county.

Ashtabula County Museums

Ashtabula County is known for its rich history. The museums in the county are a storehouse of the wealth of information. The artifacts displayed a hint of the unique past of this county. The museum's topics range from bridges to engines, presidents to perambulators, slavery to regional culture as well as a railroad. The displays vary in size. You can view gigantic steam locomotives to small artifacts in the museums of the county. Experience the immensity of the locomotives that were once used in the region. The museum helps you discover the instrumental role played by the people of the county in freeing the slaves. The artifacts placed in the museum will help you explore the rich history that the county is known for.

Wineries and beaches

Ashtabula County is known for its beaches as well as wineries. There are different wineries that offer their own tour in the county. Make sure to explore the scenic vineyards while sipping some delectable wine. It will surely offer you loads of good memories to carry back home. Do not forget to try the ice wine which is known for its sweetness. Pair it with cheeses and desserts for an experience of a lifetime.

Apart from above-mentioned attractions, one can indulge in golfing, boating, hunting, swimming, fishing, shopping of collectibles and antiques at this county.

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