Ashtabula County – A Place to Be

Ashtabula County was created during 1808. There is so much to do in Ashtabula County.

A shtabula County is located in Northeast Ohio bordering Lake Erie on the north and Lake Pennsylvania on the east. This is the largest county in Ohio.

It is a recreational area and transforms into a tourist destination during the summer months.

It serves as a getaway resort to those who want to escape from the congested metro areas of Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Cleveland. The county is renowned for its scenic and wild rivers, a Great Lake and historic covered bridges.

As Ashtabula is located along Lake Erie, it is prone to experiencing weather patterns from the lake. One can experience pleasant cool breeze during summers and snowy conditions during the winter months. As the region falls under the Snowbelt region, it experiences a good amount of lake snow effect. However, the travel conditions get impacted because the snow can be fairly deep during the winter months.

Lake Erie is not just one of the natural resources but also one of the greatest assets of Ashtabula County. The visitors will be able to enjoy several public parks with playgrounds, public beaches, mud flat as well as a couple of marinas in the county. The mud flats at Conneaut Harbor are an ideal place to be for all birdwatchers. It is the perfect spot to view migratory birds.

Lake Erie Coastal Byway is one of the newest scenic byways of this county. This route covers the entire stretch of State Route 531 and runs along the lakeshore through Ashtabula. Stopping by at one of the parks in the county will offer you breathtaking views of the sunset where you can experience the confluence of the sky and the lake. You can experience the sun turning into crimson red from brilliant orange before disappearing into the lake slowly.

One can experience sheer beauty during all the seasons in this county. During summers, one can experience breathtaking sunsets at Lake Erie. The abundance of sugar maple trees imparts exquisite gold and crimson colors during the Fall. The county settlements are mostly farming ones. The snowfall transforms the county into a paradise and throws open a plethora of recreational opportunities such as ice skating, sled riding, and cross country skiing. The county is as well known for celebrating Christmas in style in the form of Christmas tree farms and themed shops.

Ashtabula County was created during 1808. The county is known for its seventeen covered bridges which include the shortest and the longest covered bridge in the United States. Grapes are quite popular in the region and it is also home to some of the award-winning wineries in the region. The region that was included in the county was originally a part of the French Colony. The place is home to several Finnish Americans.

The county has 53 covered bridges of which most of them include a pizza parlor within the structure.

Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival is held during October every year which offers entertainment, crafts, farmers market; quilt shows and features historic vehicles as well. The county houses one of the most visually appealing lighthouses which mark the entrance to the Ashtabula Harbor. The county houses historical, presidential and underground railroad museums which set it apart from the rest.

There is so much to do in Ashtabula County. There are plenty of wineries to explore in this region and wine tours are one of the most immensely popular activities here. There are several beaches along North coast. Numerous theater programs are organized in the county. For all those looking for outdoor recreation, boating, hunting, sports, swimming, fishing and bicycle riding are some of the popular options offered by this county.

People visiting this county can indulge in some shopping of farm products, collectibles, and antiques.

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