Ashtabula County's Wineries:
A Living Tradition

While many aspects of craftsmanship and long-standing family traditions have been set aside and practiced only by a few in recent times, those traditions live on in Ashtabula County in the art of winemaking.
Each year, highly skilled winemakers proudly practice the tradition of growing, harvesting and pressing grapes into fine wines. While they use many aspects of modern technology in the process, the skill and knowledge of making a great wine - including everything from the care of grape vines, knowing what type of wooden cask will bring a desired flavor, to the bottling process - remains a skill handed down from generation to generation. Visitors to Ashtabula County will find these skills living on in the
eight award-winning wineries located in the county.

The warm Lake Erie breezes help make Ashtabula County a prime location for grape-
growing. Visitors traveling along the county's vine-strewn hillsides will find a collection of family-owned wineries offering some of the finest wines available anywhere.
Once a secret cherished by a few, word has spread of the quality and flavor of the county's wines in recent years, helped along by the many numerous awards garnished upon vintages year after year.
For each wine-producing family, though, the true delight is seeing the culmination of their skill and knowledge appreciated by everyone from the casual wine-taster to the connoisseur.

Not only producers of excellent wines, each of the wineries offers a unique
experience to their visitors. Clambakes and themed celebrations accent visits to the Old
Firehouse Winery, while rustic charm and wine burgers are featured at the Old Mill Winery.
Ferrante Winery compliments their wines with fine Italian cuisine. Markko Vineyard specializes in an all natural, organic process. Chalet Debonne offers tours, tastings and special events throughout the year, while Buccia features a bed & breakfast and craft shop.

Whatever your palate, you are certain to find the wines of Ashtabula County
outstanding examples of a rich, living tradition, each offering a unique flavor and experience for your taste of the vineyards.

Buccia Vineyard
Buccia not only offers a winery with a tasting room, visitors can stay at their bed and breakfast or shop in their craft shop. Four acres of vineyard produce a quality selection of wines from various hybrid grapes.
518 Gore Rd.
Conneaut, Ohio 44030

Chalet Debonne' Vineyards, Inc.
One of the premier boutique wineries in the country, this winery offers tours and tastings along with special events throughout the year. Lawn concerts, hot air balloons and steak frys are just a few of the reasons to visit.
7743 Doty Rd.
Madison, Ohio 44057

Ferrante Winery & Ristorante
A popular spot for year round dining, Ferrante's mixes authentic Italian cuisine with award-winning wines. Tour the wine cellar, sample wines at the tasting bar then stock your own wine cellar from the gift shop.
5585 Route 307
Geneva, Ohio 44041

Markko Vineyard
All natural, organic processes are factors in the purity and flavor of the wines produced in this northeastern section of Ohio. In addition to some of Ohio's finest wines visitors can take tours, enjoy snacks and tastings and arrange catering for a special event.
R.D. 2 South Parish Rd.
Conneaut, Ohio 44030

Old Firehouse Winery
This lakefront winery is housed in the village's first firehouse and offers a casual dining atmosphere. Enjoy flavorful wines on the patio during themed celebrations including a clambake and Polka Festival.
5499 Lake Rd.
Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio 44041

Old Mill Winery
Located in a historic old mill, this rustic winery is the perfect place for romance, friendship and fun. Relish the taste of pressed grapes while listening to musicians or indulging in wine burgers, rib dinners or the annual clambake.
403 S. Broadway St.
Geneva, Ohio 44041

Biscotti Winery
186 Park Ave.
Conneaut, Ohio 44030

Harpersfield Vineyards
6387 State Route 307
Geneva, Ohio 44041

Rolling Hills Winery
768-69 South Parish Rd.
Conneaut, Ohio 44030

Virant Family Winery
1250 Stoltz Rd.
Geneva, Ohio 44041